Classic Pendant Lamp by NUD, 29 eur

Ø 8 cm Decorative Lightbulb by NUD, 18 eur
The label’s decorative lightbulbs don’t just have a long and healthy life ahead of them, they pair gorgeously with NUD’s copper pendant lamp to bathe a room in warm light. It’s no wonder that NUD’s minimalistic design has quickly become a favourite among architects and interior designers.

Nud Pendant Lamp by NUD, 68 eur

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Triple Socket by NUD

Veggie Poster – 42×30 by VonTrueba, 20 eur
Greenery is indispensable in a room, giving an interior space life and transporting some of the outside in. If you’re not the green-fingered type, but still want some fancy foliage gracing your living room, then these prints by Carmen Trueba are just the thing. Her London-based architecture and design studio VonTrueba brings the rubbery, leafy textures of plants to walls, with swish strokes of line and flat blocks of colour that zing with vitality. Inspired by flora and printed on satisfyingly thick 210 g/m² paper, the Veggie series of posters won’t die on you.

Nordic by VonTrueba