Teame Tea Set by MOA Eating Products
Vera Wiedermann knew there had to be a better way to enjoy a hot, relaxing cup of tea. Deciding to take a solution-oriented approach, this creative designer came up with an intuitive take on the teacup. The TEAME tea set, nominated for a 2015 German Design Award, features a discreet nick in the rim to hold the teabag in place, making soggy tea labels a thing of the past. A silicone ring keeps the mug cool to the touch, while a saucer does double duty as a lid to keep the entire ensemble warm. When the tea is steeped, the base of the mug keeps the unsightly teabag hidden between cup and saucer. The teacup, transformed—and exceptionally so.

Copper is so much IN, that is already almost OUT. But if you still want to jump on this bandwagon, here some ideas.

4 Wall Pockets by Ampersand

Clinging to walls like barnacles in kaleidoscopic patterns, the Wall Pockets by American label Ampersand add some fun texture and ever-useful storage to any space. Whether hung in living rooms, nurseries, offices, or studios, these fold-up wonders are easy to assemble and fun to display. Surprising strong and visually delightful, the accessories are made from recycled paperboard and ethically packaged in local social institutions, with an infinite feel-good factor folded into each pocket. Once you hang these practical polyhedron clusters, you won’t want to let go either.

Washing-Up Stand by Rosendahl
There’s an art to connecting the useful with the beautiful, one that Danish label Rosendahl has mastered perfectly. Based in Copenhagen, the label makes practical and tasteful kitchen utensils and accessories that bring an easy elegance to everyday life, whether during family dinners, household chores, or cooking with friends. The simple drying stand is designed to organise sink-side cleaning supplies by keeping dish brushes, towels, and rags together with a hint of decorative flair—the aesthetics of everyday life, in its purest form.

Cake Dish by Rosendahl

Oval Dish – Large

Casserole Dish by Rosendahl
Glass casserole dishes make bringing dinner to the table simple with a design that combines cooking and serving in one seamless solution, while emphasising the goods within—the aesthetics of everyday life, in its purest form.

Candy Pendant Lamp by Auxilium Salvage
New label Auxilium Salvage’s first project? Bringing new life to a collection of classic work lights found in an abandoned German factory. Designing with a focus on reuse and renewal, the British label takes discarded objects, carefully handworking them back into shape and bringing them up to date for modern sensibilities. The Candy Pendant Lamp owes its name to the colourful tones lovingly added as the final step in the recycling process, adding a new element to each of these unique objects.

Pitcher by Laurence Labbé Céramiste
Each product in her range of everyday porcelain tableware is handmade in her workshop in Strasbourg, France. Drawing on Labbé’s architectural background and the influence of modernism, the unique collection’s fine glazes in subtle hues and delicate forms add an exquisite touch to the ordinary.

Surely you’ve seen before this string lights in various blogs, blogosphere is just full of them.

String Lights by Cable & Cotton, 32 eur
Burst balloons no longer have to be a symbol of disappointment. Brighton-based label Cable & Cotton has transformed this formally doleful pop into a emblem of fair labour wrapped in vibrant colour. This set of string lights features 35 handmade lampshades, each of which is made by wrapping natural gum-coated string around a small balloon base. When the ball is dry and the balloon is popped and removed, two things are left behind: a fascinating interior lighting object, and fair, sustainable employment.
Looks familiar? Maybe Moooi Random lamp familiar?