Picto Clock by Rosendahl Timepieces

1984 was a watershed year, one that defined the aesthetics of the decade, and in Denmark, renowned designers Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen were in the midst of reimagining time. The goal? To create a clock that matched the contemporary understanding of time’s motion and would remain enduringly modern for years to come. Designed for Rosendahl Timepieces, the Picto clock was an instant classic, snapped up by the MOMA for its permanent collection. Reduced to the bare essentials, the clock’s dial rotates rather than ticking, with a fixed, round element counting the hours. A design as innovative today as it was in decades past.

PICTO means picture, of course, so it is an excellent choice as the name of this watch. With its clean, minimalist graphic lines, PICTO represents a distinct picture of time in a way that no other watch does.
At the same time, its technical design is unique for a wristwatch.
The hour is indicated by a dot on the rotating dial, while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. PICTO is the first wristwatch created according to this rotating disk principle.

For you industrial meets retro style.
For dirty laundry, toilet paper, toys, living room blanket, pet stuff, plant pot, garbage, paper bin, for your secret stash of nutella or just to make people curious what is in there.

Ochsner Bucket by Patent Ochsner s664
For Swiss label Contena Ochsner AG, excellence means the sum of high-quality materials, solid workmanship, versatility, and clever design. An improved take on an iconic trash can, the utilitarian Oschner Bucket takes all user considerations into account, resulting in a multitasker that is water tight, heat resistant, odour proof, easy to carry, and built to combine with the label’s dustpan set. Made from contoured stainless steel, this superior bucket is not without its Swiss heritage of first-class aesthetics—a household helper you’ll be proud to display.

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Charlotte Apple Bookends

Butter box by Mette Duedahl ceramics

And mugs

Super cute nameless lamp