Brix Standard by BENSEN

Shortening, narrowing down, adding, adapting—the process of continually evolving is a vital one for both design and living spaces. Danish-Canadian designer Niels Bendtsen’s label BENSEN creates furnishings with an eye on every step of the engineering process, making for exquisitely crafted minimal pieces. The Brix modular drawers stand on a steel base and can be stacked vertically to any height and linked horizontally with simple pin-and-cam mechanisms. Each module’s glossy lacquered finish and steel-reinforced top makes it strong and durable—and ready for new additions any time. Almost like IKEA Malm Serie. Only of a higher quality.

Kam Kam Protection

moustache family ionna vautrin

CAIRS & ICE+WATER by Coway Design Team heart

CAIRS is a personal air purifier that can be used anywhere on the go. Think of your car, at home or at the office; this little device purifies dust and odor in the air and sterilizes bacteria, viruses, etc. Pretty much tries to remove the excuse of ‘not feeling well’ out of your life! The iconic hole is a key design feature which functions as a handle improving portability and extending usability. Optimal air purification is possible thanks to the Plasma Ion sterilization technology that it uses. This removes 99.5% of air-borne viruses.



Scoop by Stephanie Ng Design- Local Australian Lighting and Product Design

Porcelain by Cathérine Lovatt

Thermo Pot by black+blum

Frosted Lantern by Maria Berntsen for Holmegaard