Berlin, part two

Kreuzberg again

Holsteiner shore

Moltke bridge

Rotes Rathaus East Berlin

*not mine*

Pergamon Museum – most visited museum in the country and world famous for its archaeological holdings. Three museums in one – the Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art. It will be closed due to the renovation for 10 years, so – tko je jamio, jamio je.

DDR jail

Looks almost like Paris. But it is Charlottenburg.

Berliner Dom

Museum island

Reichstag the roof

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Berlin, you were amazing!

We will ignore the fact that I am not 20 any more and that celebrating three nights in a row – sleep is overrated – has consequences. Bad consequences. We will cherish the fact that I was still alive after that!
We will adore the fact that corner after corner one can find the Gründerzeit (Wilhelminian-era) buildings and all that for not much money. We will just plan to return as soon as possible.
We must also not reveal how many hours at a time I slept afterwards. In coma-like state.


*not mine*

*not mine*

*not mine*

I am still thinking whether I should write one separate password protected post with some not public appropriate photos or not…