Cog Candelabra Brass by Tom Dixon


Fridge Box by Seletti heart heart heart

Admit it: impractical storage solutions are more trouble than they’re worth. Experts at creating household structure, super-label Seletti is known for its humorous and innovative homewares that are ideal for crazy-busy folks with a passion for organisation. Designed by Alessandro Zambelli, this collection ensures domestic chaos will be a distant memory. The fine porcelain Fridge Box keeps food fresh and will travel directly from your refrigerator shelves to the microwave or oven for easy reheating. The elegant design even transports easily to the tabletop as a serving dish. Total sensory enjoyment—and one less thing to wash up.

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Float candlestick by Muuto heart

Foscarini Colibri lettura

GRIP Candlestick By Jens Fager For Muuto

With a simple design and style in thoughts, Jens Fager created the GRIP Candlestick, for Muuto, to execute 2 functions – to supply light and movability. Extraneous details were removed and what’s left is a properly sized, beautiful layout that can simply be gripped when it is time to move it.

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