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Frog design
EcoSwitch: A frog design concept liberates cluttered kitchen counters from bulky, wasteful appliances. The average, postage stamp-sized urban kitchen is a very inefficient use of space, as most New Yorkers will tell you. Sitting on the counter, in all their oversized glory, are any number of machines that grind, puree, juice, cook, brew and occupy valuable kitchen real estate.
What if all those appliances could be reduced to a single device, with everything stripped away except for one motor, power supply, and control panel? That was the challenge to frog designers as they developed the EcoSwitch concept for long time frog client General Electric, the industrial giant that also produces small and large kitchen appliances.

Ronde by Oliver Bahr for Gubi

Projecteur 365 Sospensione, 1954. Le Corbusier, brand Cassina Lighting

Bath knobs by Menu


Bruno Double-Arm Pharmacy Floor Lamp, from 1848 heart

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Project Debut III Esprit