Roll Bottle Opener by Umbra Shift.heart

Anonymous in function and cast from solid brass, this bottle opener might find itself on the vanity sooner than the kitchen drawer.

Rexa design, leftovers from yesterday heart heart heart

Hole Rexa Design, designer Susanna Mandelli

Kenwood – Rodd

Andreas-Engesvik for Menu, Chunks series

Menu Chunks is a series of raw and robust candleholders for regular candles. 3 different kinds of material in 3 different sizes, ready to mix, match and mismatch just as you like.
Marble, wood and concrete holders with copper or bras tops. The mix of the raw base and the shiny glowing tops gives the Chunk variants a rough and romantic look. As the candle burns down the light will reflect in the brass or copper top and give a beautiful glow.

Perfect for dinner tables, wedding gifts, windowsills and moments when you just want to spoil yourself rotten. heartheartheart



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