Homu Table Fireplace by Acquaefuoco

Fire warms us in the biting cold, roasts our food to perfection, and creates dreamy, relaxing visual effects. Combining aspects of fire’s many functions with fine aesthetics, Italian label Acquaefuoco’s creations highlight this multifaceted element in all its glory. Fuelled by bio-ethanol, the eco-friendly Gasper Table Fireplace will enchant with its contemporary forms—a stylish accent for sideboards, tabletops, and terraces. The captivating flicker of the flames and the Gasper’s calming glow guarantee more than a few hours of sweet surrender.

Cabare’ Table Fireplace by Acquaefuoco

Carafe + Lid by Norm Architects for Menu

Emphasise what’s important—and simply do away with the rest. Danish label Menu’s collaboration with design team Norm Architects transforms familiar objects into a line of honest homewares at the vanguard of a new design norm that stresses simplified and understated visual elegance. If you’re trying to up your water intake on hot days, this elegant one litre bottle carafe with a copper lid will make it easier on the eyes. Whether for water or for wine, this object embodies the ethos of the label: minimal design, maximum aesthetic. heart

Salt & Pepper Mill by Norm Architects for Menu

Norm Architects’ Bottle Grinders are a much-needed redesign of everyday salt and pepper grinders, and a simple look at their curved forms will make you wonder why you stuck with those old, ungainly wooden things for so long. Nominated for the Formland Design Award 2011, theses sleek and muted grinders are easy to load and keep the mill at the top of the container to avoid tabletop crumbs. Add flair to the everyday. heart

GreenFan Ventilator by Belmuda

heart heart heart

Siloflame candle holder, 17 eur


Laundry bin Stool Hansjerg Maier-Aichen for Authentics, black or white

Bike bag by Joachim Leffler for Magazin heart

Bike holder Tian with small storage Leopold Brötzmann and Sebastian Backhaus heart heart heart