servus / r75 – Florian Saul

Funiculi Floor Lamp by Lluís Porqueras for Marset


Floor Lamp by UNCUT in iron, steel, copper and brass.

The separation between art and design isn’t always easy to pinpoint. For Milan-based label UNCUT it also isn’t something it wants to define. Rather, the intersection of the two fields is the location from which the label seeks to create—and what it creates is beautiful interiors. Its TheKeep Floor Lamp, handcrafted by Italian craftsmen, is a stunning example of the label’s exceptional balance between its two main inspirations. The combination of materials, like the collective personalities behind the design, embraces urban impressions and minimalist elegance. Art by design.

Cafetière by FREUD

Dimly lit, smoky Art Deco interiors, eclectic clientèle sweeping in and out, and elegant platters of Sachertorte: the days of watching the world go by in a post-War Viennese coffee houses are, perhaps, long gone. But it was by this spirit that David Freud was inspired to start his first café-bar in London in 1986. Twenty-eight years on, FREUD is still going strong and at its heart lies a fascination with the virtues of excellent design. Its evolution into classic kitchenware has produced indispensable items such as this elegant stainless-steel cafetière, whose small size means you don’t have to resort to instant coffee for just a cup or two. Its French press plunger system, contrasting materials, and simple lines will invoke the avant-garde in any coffee-brewing ritual.

Espresso Maker by FREUD

Mini Squirrel Cage Bulb by Nook

Electricity is a wondrous thing. Why do we insist on hiding it away? The decorative filament bulbs by London-based label Nook are lovingly assembled by hand, highlighting the intricacies of traditional filament lighting for a world all too content to stash our LEDs behind frosted glass and call it a day. Warm and beautiful, the filament patterns in Nook’s Miniature Squirrel Cage Lightbulb channels the timeless styling of the early years of electricity, woven into elaborate forms so beautiful you needn’t be bothered with lampshades–let the bulbs shine in all their electric glory. heart

Showtime chair swivel – chairs stools – Producto BD Barcelona Design

Flip Around Stool by Menu

Andreas Engesvik for FontanaArte, Blom table lamp heart


KUSKOA by Jean-Louis Iratzoki Alki