Rugs by Dash & Albert heart

Bouncing back from any passing trend and going with the flow of daily wear, true interior style is all about resilience. With 20 years of experience in her field, Annie Selke is a true pro at carrying spirited American style into modern homes. Her label Dash & Albert produces textiles at the cutting edge of contemporary home materials technology, and the Rope Collection of rugs is no exception. Crafted from superheroic polypropylene, these rugs can take their strikingly neutral tones to high traffic, indoor and outdoor areas without fear. Scrubbable, bleachable, and UV-treated for outdoor use, the Rope Rug will bounce back no matter what you throw at it—without a scratch on it.

Dip-It Storage Unit by Present Time

There’s a special kind of inner peace that comes along with knowing everything around you is neat and tidy—but storage doesn’t always have to mean hidden away. The Dip-It Storage Unit by Dutch label Present Time keeps it all cool and collected in plain view, with a casually modern aesthetic that lends a design element to the room. Wall-mounted, the four-box Dip-It is designed to keep cookbooks, papers, pens, tools, and other daily devices easy to access, or use in a crafting, sewing, or office corner to make sure what you need is close at hand. Well-designed storage for contented, chaos-free living.

Play and Display Frame by Art Vinyl

Sure, vinyl is having a ‘comeback’, but true music connoisseurs know that it never went away in the first place. The packaging of an album is one of the best parts of enjoying music, and London-based label Art Vinyl wants to make sure that the intricate designs for album covers can be displayed to their best advantage. Part protective record storage, part décor accessory, the Play & Display Flip Frame accommodates LPs and 12″ of any thickness within its flip-down frame—meaning that not only can you enjoy the visual aspect of the music, you can also take a listen whenever the mood strikes. Your fine collection has been stacked on the shelf for too long—it deserves a moment to shine.

Dann Sideboard by TemaHome, 450 eur

Sleek simplicity with a distinctly bold streak, Portuguese label TemaHome has spent over 30 years mastering the mix of passion, experience, and creativity behind each of its collections of inspired and timeless forms. The Dann Sideboard by Rodolphe Castellani is the pure expression of the label’s focus: stylishly housing tech gear, accessories, or books and magazines in a minimalistic geometric silhouette, the Dann is pure design for style-conscious spaces.

Dann Sideboard & Coffee Table by TemaHome, 299 eur

The Dann Sideboard & Coffee Table by Rodolphe Castellani is the pure expression of the label’s focus: with a minimalistic geometric silhouette, this low table takes center stage in the living room, offering ample storage space for magazines and blankets while maintaining a design edge.

Volga Desk by TemaHome, 255 eur

A recent addition to the label’s illustrious team, young designer Nádia Soares’ talent shines in the Volga Desk, offering a practical, comfortable work surface with plenty of space for writing essentials—pure design for style-conscious spaces.

Concrete Side Table by TemaHome, 169 eur

Bern Wall Unit by TemaHome, black or white, 65 eur

Almo Table Lamp by Calabaz, 89 eur

Once synonymous with glaring brightness, LED lighting has gone softer with age. Innovative Swedish label Calabaz specialises in matching these newly mellowed energy-saving light sources with an all-round sustainable approach to harmonious, Scandinavian-inspired design lighting. The label’s Almo Table Lamp uses powder-coated steel and opal glass to create a light with the grace of contemporary design and the soul of an eco-warrior. Designed for use with modern LED bulbs, Calabaz’s luminaries use up to 85% less energy than a conventional light bulb and are built of raw materials from environmentally friendly resources. It’s time to shine a light on a brighter future.

Jazz Desk Lamp by Calabaz, 145 eur heart