Another most beautiful floor lamp – AJ lamp by Louis Poulsen. Design: Arne Jacobsen.
Back in 1960, Arne Jacobsen had designed an entire hotel from its external facade to internal furniture and rooms, right down to the cutlery used in the restaurants- the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Most of Arne Jacobsen’s classics pieces that had achieved fame were designed for this hotel.








And the best for the end! heart heart heart

Third most favourite floor/table lamp tomorrow!

Back in the saddle after 20 years

…and still alive! One of the last weekends I visited a good friend of mine, enjoyed farm living for two and a half days and without breaking any bone – hi mom – had a wonderful time with this old guy.heart

Eddie ist not the youngest and was therefore the best choice for my case.
Now, I love animals and am honored to ride such a beauty. But being around horsemen you will see many sad and ugly things. Many sadistic training techniques and many inferior creatures trying to break the spirit of this amazing, proud animal.
Basically you can decide to have a amazing relationship with your animal or you can decide to be an idiot and base your relationship on punishment and blows. My friend adopted some of supposedly aggressive, behaviourally disordered horses. I would also be aggressive and disordered if a person i should trust the most is beating me day after day! Maybe I would find one day the tiny bit of my soul, broken spirit and pride and kick back.
As a art of the self-defense!
Those horses are beautiful and completely normal, just treat them the way you want to be treated.

If you have to beat your animal in order that he or she listen to you – leave that poor animal alone and find a good therapist for yourself.

And in case you wonder, this is how love looks like:

And this is a happy horse rolling around and making happy sounds heart

Yey happy happy heart

Eddie is now 23 years old and still beautiful and crazy cuddly!!! heart He loves to get hugs and kisses!

My advice for those riding for the first time after an eternity of break, find bombproofed horse – a bit on the lazy side and wide LOL – and don’t go outside until you know each other good – in controlled conditions. Try to get calm, not fussy horse. You will benefit from doing some strengthening exercises before you even sit on the horse. The first few times I rode I felt like I’d been run over; I was so achy,  but – it gets better. Afterwards you will hate the muscles you didn’t even know you have. It is not laid back and relaxed around the meadow.

But it is good for the balance and the best stress-reliever.

And try not to be very nervous. Personally I don’t like nervous people. I avoid them as much as I can. You can’t blame the animal for doing the same.
My additional challenge was to learn ASAP all those special terms in foreign language. I am still learning.Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-11.10.23

And bring carrots!

Eddie LOVES to shower and to get dental water jet. We had to wash out anyway all that sand in his eyes and mouth.

While I know that I am not technically the best rider and will probably never be, I feel I have good balance and good harmony with the horse. Soon I maybe even dare to ride this beauty. He is young and passionate. And such a hot shot! heart