Hidden Laptop Table by A2 Designers

Cable jewelry by Bless.

The indispensable electronic connections, extensions, adapters, multiple plugs, mobilephone chargers and others are no longer hidden but highlighted/ appreciated as glamorous / decorative tangle of connection.
Most of todays indispensable electronic products (such as computers, mobilephone chargers, telephones, printers, stereos, tvs, etc…) still have to be plugged in to provide the necessary electricity. The cables that connect the item with the source represent mostly an annoying interference factor and are therefore often tried to be hidden away.

The Bless N°26 Cable Jewellery is designed to transform these undesired appendixes into desirable objects.

From a large scale of different styles, reaching from crystal stones, pearls and bangle busters over wooden cubes and lace braids to fur and sand toppings, the client can bring his/her own cable and order from the provided styles the one that fits his/her environment.

This project is a work in progress. The range of offered styles might change over the time and adapt to the most recent Bless taste.

La chaise haute Phoenix Lawalu

Si Pallet – 80×120 by Seletti, for DIY-bed for you or for the whole familiy, like 4mx4m and then mom, dad, kids, dog and cat together.

Quirky, ironic, and experimental, Seletti has pushed and evolved the aesthetics of the Anti-Design movement since the company was founded in 1964. A creation of the label’s in-house design team Selab, the Si Pallet modular system exemplifies Seletti’s fusion of fine art sensibilities with furnishings that seamlessly integrate into contemporary interiors. Reminiscent of warehouse-style DIY furnishings, the lacquered MDF Si is available in two sizes and can be stacked in any way you please: whether coffee table, TV cabinet, sideboard, or bed frame, the Si will adapt to your interior needs for years to come.

Smaller version for a kid, cat, dog or mother in law.

Ubiqua Lamp by Seletti

Reminiscent of warehouse-style industrial furnishings, the silicone, metal, and glass Ubiqua Lamp has an integrated side hook for easy hanging—or just pick it up and rest it on the table or the floor wherever its extra-long cable will reach.

Phone On Board. Designers: Shin Go Eun & Giha Woo

In spite of the fact that we live in the touchscreen age, when we chat on the fixed phone we tend to jot down notes on pieces of paper… and boy are they hard to find when you need them! The “Phone on Board” concept solves this issue, by including a whiteboard in the mix, used both as a phone dock and a place to write down what you need to remember.
Phone On Board originated by observing how space is used around a phone. People make calls but also keep pens, notes, keys – any number of things. The design itself is minimal enough to live in Muji stores and I love how the no-frills design of the handset brings all the attention to the base plate. Stunning example of design by extension and adaptation.


Clown Nose Bins by Tomas Kral. Inspired by the typical red clown nose the young Swiss designer and graduate from ECAL Tomas Kral realised this series of ceramic bins, closable through cork balls which are connected with coloured elastics.

PlusMinusZero Air Purifier. Design by Naoto Fukasawa

Morp by zeitraum