Enlightenment lamp by Light up your world, 89 eur.

There have been plenty of books written about ‘The Enlightenment’ over the years, but it takes a truly gifted mind to realize the word ‘enlightenment’ includes the word ‘light.’ And it takes a whole other level of genius to turn that realization into a clever pun-inspired lamp.
The appropriately-named Enlightenment lamp is made of white plexiglass, is 24cm x 17cm x 8cm and includes a 9-watt energy-saving lamp to illuminate it from the inside. For maximum enlightenment you’ll want to stick it on a shelf full of other hardcover tomes, or you can also go the less-classy route, and just use it as a bathroom nightlight.

Asplund Tati table, Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle



Press magazine stand for Asplund

Teatime tea trolley in ash wood with removable white painted trays for Swedese

Studioilse w084t2, 2-Arm Table Lamp by Ilse Crawford for Wästberg heart


Vitriini Iittala Boxen for odds and ends

Anu Penttinen 2010.
Vitriini boxes are the perfect way to display all the little things you love. Feel free to mix and match with the versatile collection of glass, wood and aluminium pieces. This colourful range gives endless possibilities of storing small objects and putting them on show. There’s no better way to showcase your mood or personality. heart


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