Talking about Vij5 lamps yesterday, I did find a photo of this lovely threesome.heart For more information read the design post from yesterday.

Lloop Lamps by Vij5

Dutch design studio Vij5 and designers Ontwerpduo are neighbours—literally. With workshops right across the courtyard from each other, it’s only natural that they’d eventually work together, and the Lloop Lamp by Ontwerpduo for Vij5 seems a natural outcome of their physical and aesthetic proximity. The copper lampshade interior reflects warm reddish tones from the bulb, and the cord hangs with an extra loop of cable so that the height of the lamp can be easily and readily adjusted from family dinner-high to romantic night-in low. Multifunctional lighting solutions from the perfect design partnership. Now that’s teamwork.

Where the function becomes decoration.


73 cm Miura Table by Konstantin Grcic for Plank

Konstantin Grcic is one of the pillars of modern German design. Since establishing his Munich studio in 1991, the designer has turned his decidedly minimal tendencies into durable, functional pieces. Grcic’s contemporaries often describe him as being as much a researcher as a designer due to his meticulous attention to material and detail, but his works retain a strong sense of playfulness to them nonetheless. The Miura Table brings this sensibility to an essentially weightless form. The three-legged form and collapsible top can be used indoors and out, bringing design harmony to nearly any space.

Accento by Konstantin Grcic for Serafino Zani heart

Al Dente Spaghettiera Set by Konstantin Grcic for Serafino Zani

Sit down to dinner with one of the masters of German design: the formal language of the steel cookware designed by Konstantin Grcic for Serafino Zani is inscribed in elegance and simplicity, with a touch of purist sophistication. The high-quality, extra-thick stainless steel is carefully worked to reveal a modern creation with classic forms, providing carefree culinary pleasure with delicious results. A piece from the Al Dente series, this polished spaghetti pot with an integrated strainer melds Grcic’s seamless and distinctive aesthetics with everyday kitchenware.

Accento Cutlery – 36 Pieces by Konstantin Grcic for Serafino Zani

Table manners are a complicated topic. Do you put the napkin in your lap or not? Is it OK to dip your bread directly into the sauce? And, what is it exactly you do with a lobster, again? Elegant dining can also be easy: the 36-piece Accento cutlery set by renowned German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic for Italian label Serafino Zani combines superb precision with unmistakable and clean aesthetics to get straight to the point, leaving no question unanswered—and putting tableside decorum in check.

Al Dente Colander