Broste Copenhagen heart

You could drown in the ink that has been spilled rhapsodising over Scandinavian design, but Danish label Broste Copenhagen knows that all those clean, minimalistic lines are for nought if you can’t make high design work with your everyday life. The Copper Candle Holder showcases the beautiful nuances of its material, bringing a refined, metallic accent to sideboards, dining rooms, and side tables—Nordic reserve at its finest.

Table Lamp by N.U.D, 65 eur

If the Swedish have a national talent, it’s bringing a beacon of light into the darkest moments—sometimes quite literally when it comes to design. Swedish label NUD devotes itself to those often over-looked details. Exuding a special brand of reduced industrial chic that pairs gorgeously with the labels lightbulbs, a highlight of its collection is undoubtedly the ceramic and bakelite Table Lamp fitted with a colourful textile cable. It’s no wonder that NUD’s minimalistic design has quickly become a favourite among architects and interior designers.



45 eur heart

Ø12.5 Mirror Decorative Bulbheart  by NUD, 22 eur

Can you tell that I love N.U.D?

Flowerpot by Bellila heart
In the bustle of city life, it’s important to turn your home into an oasis of calm—and French label Bellila has set out to bring a bit of nature into the mix. Made in France with environmental stewardship in mind, designer Paul Bellila’s small biotopes enrich urban apartments and homes with just the right amount of natural relaxation and tranquillity. Made of ceramic and oak wood, the Flowerpot elegantly accommodates small herbs and flowers, complementing windowsills and tabletops with a spot of refreshing greenery.


CL-30 Copper Lamp by Vij5

Copper heart is the only metal that comes close to light’s natural warmth. Harnessing these two forces of nature into one unique object, designer David Derksen’s CL-30 Copper Lamp for Dutch design studio Vij5 glows with an inimitable, angular luminescence. The CL-30 is handcrafted in the Netherlands from 3 milimetre thick copper sheeting, imbuing the lamp with a delicacy enhanced by the subtle nuances of colour tone that bounce around each carefully structured fold. Finished with a black textile cable, this elegant lamp brings shimmering visual contrast to contemporary interiors.

CL-25 Copper Lamp by Vij5 and CL-16 Copper Lamp by Vij5


All 3 of them together would also be great! Tom Dixon Style-like.