Karoo Planter Kit by D&M Depot
Designed in close collaboration with young product developer Jiri Vermeulen, Belgian label D&M Depot’s modular Karoo Planting System embodies the label’s innovative approach to home greenery. An injection-moulded recycled plastic frame delivered with specially formulated potting soil, the Karoo transforms your favourite plants into a living vertical installation and brings the best of the natural world straight into stylish interiors. Striking in its simplicity, the Karoo’s innovative design and integrated watering system bring a whole new dimension to gardening—and prove that eco-friendly design is about more than just material sustainability.

GreenFan – Air Circulator by BALMUDA
If a fan is running in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Forget the philosophy: Japanese label BALMUDA’s GreenFans are so silent, you may not be able to hear them run from across the room. Combining sleek aesthetics with exceptional technology, the GreenFan Air Circulator can be rotated up to 90° to powerfully move air up to 15 metres throughout your space. Ideal for reducing humidity and regulating indoor temperatures even in the winter, the GreenFan Air Circulator uses a two-part blade construction to replicate the air movement of a natural breeze—that is, a remote control operated breeze that’s about as silent as a lightbulb and requires so little power you’ll be saving the forest, too.

GreenFan – Adjustable, by BALMUDA

2 Copper Pendant Lamps by The Home Project
Engaged, sustainable objects take on a special meaning in the age of mass production. Growing a product line based on curiosity and passion for both materials and technique, Berlin-based design studio The Home Project discovered third generation metal spinning company Hugo Bräuer Metallwaren while walking near their studio—and knew immediately they wanted to collaborate. The Copper Pendant Lamp is the result. Made using a recovered technical mould, this exquisitely spun copper lampshade is balanced with the warmth of a dark red textile cable and glows with authenticity.

Aluminium Pendant Lamp by The Home Project, 102 eur