Mini Dolmen Radio by Lexon
The Safe collection by leading design outfit Lexon focuses on creating sustainable products of hardy, durable bamboo. With a compact size perfect for travel, the Mini Dolmen Radio strips the radio to its essential forms, with purely functional single-speaker design. One of the world’s most sustainable woods, the elegance of the radio’s bamboo frame matches the sleek silver knobs and antenna, making listening to the radio a purely pleasurable experience.

Table Clock by Lexon

Coffee & Tea Service by Lexon

Tea Pot and Cup Set by Lexon

Helios Fire Pit by Skagerak

Scandinavian design at its best: Danish label Skagerak has mastered the fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics and is beloved by Danes and international audiences alike. The cast iron Helios Fire Pit was created by design trio VE2. Easily combined with the Helios Grill to transform from garden accessory into an elegant cooking station, the fire pit strikes a stunning optical contrast in outdoor environments. Bring the summer to the next level with beautiful forms that make outdoor activities even more relaxing.

Melody Bluetooth Speaker by Soundcast

Your entire music collection fits into your pocket—itn’t it time that it got a portable sound system to match? Unparallelled in terms of audio quality and sturdy portability, the multi-award winning Melody Bluetooth Speaker is a weatherproof, long-lasting audio system designed be used indoors and out. With Bluetooth HD and auxiliary functions for 360º sound, an 8-speaker system, a comfortable carrying handle and a built-in battery with up to 20 hours of sound on a single charge, the Melody is ready to go whenever and wherever music is needed—so put that pocket full of albums to good use.

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