Calligaris Cream
Milan-based mr smith studio , the design aims to build a bridge between wood and plastics, the seat and back of the chair are composed of restilon, mounted onto a wooden structure.

Stadler form jasmine aroma diffuser

Naoto Fukasawa torch heart

Naoto Fukasawa and Hideyuki Satitoh designed the Torch flashlight to resemble your common everyday lightbulb. While that sounds like a fun little novelty on paper, the end result is a good example of what talented designers can do with something as simple as a household flashlight

Jonathan Hotz Mølgard APS

Cut & Paste by Klaus Häckl for Eno

Samsung induction for single households.heart

The Froc high chair was designed with growing kids in mind, adjusting in just 3 simple steps (footrest, seat, and backrest) to accommodate children from the age of 6 months up to 10 years old. The adaptable design grows with kids, so there’s no need to endlessly replace chairs that become too small. The super-solid design also offers superior stability, focusing the center of gravity at the seat so kids and wiggle all they want!
Designer: Rimarket & Gigodesign