Butterfly Table Lamp by Fambuena

The perfect lighting is intangible, and undeniably romantic. Refracting ideas for illumination through a prism of like-minded design since 2005, Spanish label Fambuena works with a team of designers to realise a vision of youthful ambience and pure emotion. Design duo Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo’s Butterfly Lamp brings this atmospheric aesthetic and the language of objects to a fully modern form inspired by the classic library lamp. Elegantly stylised, the clean textural contrasts of the Butterfly Lamp radiate simplicity and glow with material romance.

Plié Table Lamp by Fambuena

GRACE by Antonio Minervini Fambuena

Plié Floor Lamp by Fambuena

Estudio Vitale’s Plié Collection folds this atmospheric aesthetic and the language of objects into architecturally formed aluminium. Elegantly stylised, the geometric asymmetry of the Plié Floor Lamp is fitted with an energy-saving LED lightbulb to radiate simplicity and glow with material romance.

She.en Wall Lamp by Caoscreo

Chaos is the spark of creative movement, but reducing an idea to its essence is an art form. Joining youthful lines to bold visual textures, Italian label Caoscreo’s experimental lighting designs shape metal into objects that balance functionality with innovation. The She.en Wall Lamp by MrSmith Studio embodies this aesthetic. Unconventional and aspirationally minimal, the clean simplicity of its folded iron form is perfectly complimented by a contrasting textile cable. Ideal for living rooms and bedside use, the She.en projects light downwards towards its integrated shelf as well as up the wall in three filter-controlled, mix and match colours.