Sandwich Box by black+blum

There are many ways to brown bag it, but when it comes to carrying fresh food to the office as safely and stylishly as possible, there’s a creative solution that makes all of the above a breeze. London-based label black+blum’s elegant aluminium lunchbox boasts an antibacterial bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board—because the fresher the sandwich, the better. The silicone seal and elastic bands ensure that the box stays leakproof even on the run. Crisp, fresh food, no matter where or when: lunchtime will never be the same.

Lunch Pot by black+blum

London-based label black+blum’s elegant lunch pots bring multiple courses to the table with two interlocking pots attached by a handy strap. With leakproof lids and an included spork for use on any kind of food, lunch can be preceded by salad or followed by dessert. The breakroom won’t know what hit it.

Fuji Instax Mini

One more white camera, this time from Canon

Luna Lamp / Stevan Djurovic

Accento Cutlery by Konstantin Grcic for Serafino Zani

Table manners are a complicated topic. Do you put the napkin in your lap or not? Is it OK to dip your bread directly into the sauce? And, what is it exactly you do with a lobster, again? Elegant dining can also be easy: the 24-piece Accento cutlery set by renowned German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic for Italian label Serafino Zani combines superb precision with unmistakable and clean aesthetics to get straight to the point, leaving no question unanswered—and putting tableside decorum in check.

Accento Serving Set – 3 Pieces

Al Dente Spaghettiera Set

Al Dente Colander

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