V Floor Lamp by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Álvarez heart

There are illusions at play—illusions deepened by the addition of light. Award-winning Spanish designer Héctor Serrano specialises in expressing playfulness through formal clarity, and his V lamps for Arturo Álvarez’ eponymous label take geometric spatiality to new luminescent heights. With Op art-inspired shifting lines that create fascinating views and cast beautifully patterned shadows, the V Floor Lamp is an optical masterpiece whether illuminated or dark.

80 V Pendant Lamp by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Álvarez heart

Ø 105 V Pendant Lamp by Héctor Serrano for Arturo Álvarez

Buro Table Lamp by COCO&CO EDITION – cat proof lamp

Back when minimalism was new on the scene, less is more was a radical statement. It’s an aspiration that still applies, but today’s reduced aesthetics are all grown-up and have a few new demands to match. Bourg-en-Bresse-based label COCO&CO EDITION puts a French touch on stylistic reduction, an approach the Buro Table Lamp exemplifies with every sculptural line. The powder-coated steel lamp is produced within 50 kilometres of the label’s office to uphold the most important of all new minimalism’s tenets: minimal environmental impact.

Ledge:able Shelf by Linde&Linde heart

Just about every room can benefit from a bit of extra space. Danish designer Anne Linde’s Ledge:able Shelf has unique spatial talents: smartly folded out of a single piece of powder-coated steel, the Ledge:able’s folds reveal a small shelf and storage area perfect for eyeglasses and bedside reading material, living room wine and remotes, bathroom brushes and accessories, or entranceway keys and mail. Simple, practical, and stylish, the shelf’s magnetic properties add a whole other level of organisational possibility. Open up the room—this small addition has big potential.


Source: Monoqi