Venice Lampshade by adolfo abejon

The poetry of light, the metaphor of water flowing to the sea. In the collective imagination, the city of Venice is bound to both—the rays of the sun on the palazzos, the slow weave of the canals to the lagoon. Spanish lighting designer Adolfo Abejón has moulded the beauty of the city into his Venice Lampshades. Made in Spain, these porcelain lampshades take up the lines of classic industrial lighting forms, with the addition of a small channel which allows the light to seep through. Gently diffused, the sweeping soft glow is carried throughout the room—a bit of luminescent verse for our inner poets.

Source: Monoqi

PlusMinusZero. Design by Naoto Fukasawa heart

heart Spot Light – PLUST Outdoor lamp

Deskbox is a small wall-mounted desk/cabinet designed from Raw Edges for dutch furniture company Arco.