Drip 1 Pendant Lamp by Gemma Fabbri for ex.t

Minimalist English design blended with Italian craftsmanship: a winning combination, one mastered by Tuscan label ex.t and its collection of charmingly unconventional design objects. The label aims to help young designers get a head start in the business by working to bring new, innovative homewares to a design-conscious audience. Made of glazed ceramic, designer Gemma Fabbri’s Drip Pendant Lamp adds a delightfully colourful touch to the room with a sleek, curved sheen, the perfect encapsulation of ex.t’s take on the future of design.

Drip 2 Pendant Lamp by Gemma Fabbri for ex.t

LED Bluetooth Speaker Bulb by MiPow

Moving forward means moving differently. Hong Kong-based label MiPow is a master of mobile innovation, packaging groundbreaking ideas for tech and sound into sleek designs with covetable aesthetics. A lightbulb-and-speaker-in-one, the Playbulb combines the efficiency of LED lighting with the connective ease of Bluetooth speakers to push wireless functionality to the next level. Easily screwed in to any standard E27 socket, the Playbulb can be fully controlled via downloadable app. Dim the lights, start a playlist, or even program evening chill-out music followed by a multi-sensory morning wake-up call: with the Playbulb you redefine how you interact with your space with every flip of the switch.

Cliq Hangers by cliq by Flow Design

When you’ve selected every piece in your closet with care, the way you organise your sartorial world should be given equal consideration. Created by Berlin-based agency Flow Design, the cliq clothes hanger makes perfectly ordered minimalism easy. The birch wood hangers attach to any metal surface with strong, integrated neodymium magnets, doing away with vertical space-wasting hooks and ensuring consistent six centimetre spacing between each piece. When you hear the satisfying click of the hanger contacting metal, you’ll know: a beautifully organised wardrobe is a gift.