Berlin Box MDF by TemaHome

Sleek simplicity with a distinctly bold streak, Portuguese label TemaHome has spent over 30 years mastering the mix of passion, experience, and creativity behind each of its collections of inspired and timeless forms. A recent addition to the label’s illustrious team, young designer Nádia Soares’ talent shines in the Berlin Shelf. As a bookshelf or room divider, the Berlin’s geometric simplicity offers plenty of space for books, magazines, and beloved objects, and can be matched with the Berlin Box for extra storage—pure design for style-conscious spaces.

Prado Desk by TemaHome

Olivier Toulouse’s Prado desk is designed to bring an aesthetic angle back to the office. With minimalistic lines, clear forms, and a long drawer and side cabinet for documents, pens, and equipment, the Prado is more than just a piece of furniture—it is pure design for style-conscious spaces.

Almost like Ikea’s Mikke

Oslo Desk by TemaHome

Young designer Nádia Soares’ Oslo desk shines with Scandinavian simplicity. Pairing warm wood tones with bright white and clear forms, the Oslo’s large surface and ample workspace makes it perfect for concentration—pure design for style-conscious spaces.

Branch Shelf by TemaHome

As a bookshelf or room divider, the versatile Branch shelf’s geometric simplicity offers plenty of space for books, magazines, and beloved objects, with a checkerboard pattern that conceals a host of closed storage cabinets—pure design for style-conscious spaces.

Rowenta ceramic art heart
Made in ceramic and supplied with a pair of matching ceramic mugs, the Ceramic Art Kettle, designed by Eliumstudio for Rowenta.

Minimal masters Plus Minus Zero led by Naoto Fukasawa deliver their 5th collection consisting of table clock, thermometer, timer, card case, fan and their take on the electric water kettle. heart

Studio Macura

Handle Me Cookware by Awaa. The stunning cast iron cookware by Awaa from Norway celebrates the basic principle of cooking in the world of fast foods and take aways.

Source: Monoqi