Awa Lamp by Sotto Luce

A machine will never be able to replicate the touch of a skilled craftsman. Working with masters of their trade, leading Polish lighting label Sotto Luce is transforming the centuries-old tradition of mouth-blown glass into forward-thinking and contemporary forms. The label’s Ume Lamp gently hangs from the ceiling as a minimalistic, egg-shaped form. Striking and elegant, this black opal glass version makes a unique statement that fuses the highest level of skill with imaginative innovation.

Myoo Lamp by Sotto Luce

Momo Lamp by Sotto Luce


Soap Holder + Nail Hook by Seletti

Admit it: impractical homewares are a headache. Experts at creating household structure, Italian label Seletti built a reputation around humorous and innovative creations that unite its roots in the Anti-Design era with modern lifestyles. Designed by Alessandro Zambelli, this collection ensures domestic chaos will be a distant memory. The white porcelain Soap Holder can be easily fixed next to your sink with an included iron nail-shaped wall hook to bring your bathroom into easy, classically styled order with a modern twist.

Kiodo Toiletbrush & Holder by Seletti

Kiodo Mirror by Seletti

Submarino Bath Set by Seletti

Designed by Hector Serrano, the Submarino Bath Set ensures bathroom chaos will be a distant memory. Held together by magnets, this rubber-coated porcelain set holds toothbrushes and a soap dispenser with two additional compartments for bonus storage space. Its submarine shape brings your bathroom into easy, classically styled order with a modern twist.

Source: Monoqui