GreenFan Air Circulator by BALMUDA

Japanese label BALMUDA’s GreenFans are so silent, you may not be able to hear them run from across the room. Combining sleek aesthetics with exceptional technology, the GreenFan Cirq Air Circulator can be rotated up to 90° to powerfully move air up to 15 metres throughout your space. Ideal for reducing humidity and regulating indoor temperatures even in the winter, the GreenFan Cirq uses a two-part blade construction to replicate the air movement of a natural breeze—that is, a remote control operated breeze that’s about as silent as a lightbulb and requires so little power you’ll be saving the forest, too.


GreenFan – Adjustable by BALMUDA

Prints by Kristina Dam Studio

Minimalism at its most inspiring, Copenhagen-based Kristina Dam Studio’s guiding principle is the dialectical relationship between graphic methodology and workmanship. Due to or despite a modest use of colour, the resulting illustrations are impressively simple works that whisper rather than roar. Proof of the talents their creator refined during her architecture and design studies at the Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, the architectonic themes that run throughout Dam’s diverse portfolio blend skill and passion into rectilinear modernity.