Wireless Speaker/iPhone Dock by Revo

Sometimes you really do get back what you give. With an uncompromising passion for sound, technology, and design, the team behind Scottish label Revo has devoted the last decade to developing industry-leading audio products with cutting edge aesthetics. The Axis X3 pairs sleek gunmetal tones with clear, deep, and rich audio. Equipped to receive both digital and traditional radio signals, the AXiS X3 also incorporates an Apple Lightning dock and CD-quality Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming from any pairable device. Add a 3.5” colour touchscreen with an intuitive icon-driven interface that unleashes the technology’s full potential, and it’s clear: Revo’s engineers and designers gave their all developing the AXiS X3, and its performance gives back in spades.

Digital Radio/Wireless Speaker by Revo

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