Plant Frame by styleGREEN

Keeping plants alive is an ambitious idea from the get-go. Munich-based label styleGREEN has a planting solution for a spot of indoor greenery: fascinating, all-natural, maintenance-free wall planters, arranged as a framed work of art. Using a process patented in 1984, the freshly harvested plants are drained of sap, which is then replaced by a mixture of glycerine, water and colorant before they are cleaned and dried. StyleGREEN’s arrangements of mosses, ferns and other plants not only look alive, but feel real, maintaining their natural flexibility. Just hang on the wall for plants that give the happy illusion that you’re a skilled green thumb—without needing light or water.

Mister T Side Table by Oxyo heart

Working with the brightest up-and-coming talents, the label brings together the best in multifunctional design solutions that make live-work spaces even better suited to serve double-duty. Antoine Lesure’s Mister T Collection transforms ash plywood and two pillows into maximum flexibility. Easily shifting between a side table, a footrest, a stool, or even a Japanese-inspired low dining table, now there’s nothing standing between you and a perfectly cosy evening with snacks in front of the TV.